How to maintain your heelium bamboo athletic socks?

Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks are made with utmost care and protection for your feet. The breathable honeycomb mesh creates a ventilation supply to keep your feet cool and dry at all times.

Here’s how you can maintain your Heelium Bamboo Athletic socks:

Hand Wash

- You will need some cold water and mild detergent.
- Add a small amount of this detergent to a tub and gently mix it.
- Put the sock into it and swish it around.
- Do not twist or wring the sock.
- After a few minutes, remove the sock and squeeze the water from it without twisting it.
- Spread the socks out on a piece of towel to dry.

Do’s and Don’ts

- Do not use bleach on the bamboo knit.
- Do not iron the bamboo knit.
- Do not machine dry, as the heat can damage the fabric.

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