How to pick the right running shoes?

Looks kill
We understand that design is important, but it shouldn’t be your first priority. Picking a shoe for its looks as opposed to the function and comfort, can be harmful and can lead to more injuries

Size matters
Pick a shoe that’s just perfect for your foot size. Shoes that are too loose or too tight for your feet affect your performance while running or working out. Measure your feet carefully and get the right fit.

Time the shoes
Depending on how much you run or work out, it’s important to time your shoes. Most runners use a pair of shoes up to a certain distance they’ve covered. Certain shoes may only last for a few months as per the amount of activity they’ve endured.

Feet yourself
Observe your feet, not everyone’s foot type is the same. Some have a flat foot, while some have a higher arch. Some feet are broad, while some are narrow. Your foot type can determine which shoe will suit it the best.

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