Why are Heelium's bamboo socks the perfect choice for your feet?

It’s one lengthy process to extract bamboo and process it to give your feet the cushioning it needs. But Heelium’s got you covered! Made with utmost care, perfection and innovation, Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks have all the necessary elements to protect your feet and give it the right balance.

Bacteria Resistant
The bamboo species come with a special bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’. This agent gets retained even in bamboo fabrics. So, this makes bamboo naturally anti-bacterial. Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks are the best option for feet to be germ-free and healthy.

‘Heel’-ing Effect
For optimum protection of the heel, Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks come with cushioning pads. These pads absorb the impact forces that could cause joint pain.

Adaptability to Temperature
Bamboo is a highly breathable fabric which keeps your feet cool during the summer and warm during winters. Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks give a better ventilation through the special honeycomb mesh, so that the air doesn’t get trapped in the feet.

Going the Sustainable Way
A natural material, bamboo is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Keeping in mind innovation and green solutions, Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks are the way to go!

Better Absorption
Bamboo exhibits quicker absorption that makes it better than cotton fabrics. The sweat is quickly absorbed and evaporated. Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks keep the feet cool and dry at all times.

Heelium’s Bamboo Athletic socks have elastin support at the arch and top end of the socks. To stop blisters from developing, the socks have a stopper at the outer edge for slip resistance. The stopper hooks over the shoe and ensures the socks don’t slip inside in the middle of any activity.

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