Why is it important to wear socks?

It is important to keep your feet healthy and happy. And socks are your go to for that! They’re the essential material used to cushion and protect your feet while you’re running, walking or engaged in any other physical activity. The cloth used to make the sock is generally knitted together to cover the foot and leg, fully or partially.

Here are a few important reasons why you need to wear socks:

No Sweat
Socks help to absorb sweat that’s generated by the feet. This also helps to control odour from generating. They also help to keep the feet warm during cold conditions.

The Foot Protector
From minor shoe bites to bigger abrasions, wearing socks can help prevent such unnecessary injuries.

Kicks the Bacteria Away
It’s always a good thing to pull up your socks to help get rid of scaly rashes, blisters and even an athlete’s foot, that get caused by bacterial infections.

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