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Are you doing Cardio wrong?

Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, squat jumping, stair climbing are some of the most effective and efficient (low-cost) exercises to keep a check on your weight and fitness. 

But do you know most of us are practicing them wrong? 

It’s either the wrong posture or the wrong gear. And both are extremely critical while you workout.  

Here are our 'favourite two' cardio routines to help you shed off the extra weight in the right way. 

  1. Running 

Most popular cardiovascular exercise. You can run miles to shed off the extra weight or just enough to keep your body alarmed and energized. 

The right way to run: 

Start with spot running. Notice your body movement. 

Your ankles, gluteus (hips), shoulders & head should be aligned and upper body slightly leaning forward.

Your arms & hands need to be relaxed for a natural movement with your legs as shown below.


Don't let the process stress you. 


It's important to start with the right posture so you can run longer and farther without muscle fatigue.


Important to note: Start slow. Dedicate a time & distance you must cover. Wear the right gear for a comfortable run like Heelium's Recycled PET T-shirt & Bamboo Socks.


To lose weight, increase your pace and distance moderately. 


Also, keep an eye on the calories burned during a session. Set your goals accordingly for your next run.


Muscles strengthened while running: Calves, Hamstrings, Core, Quadriceps & Glutes.


  1. Stair Climbers 

You are unknowingly working on this cardio exercise daily. To strengthen your muscles & shed off the extra weight, practice it consciously.  


The right way to stair climbing: Start normally with one flight of stairs. Notice your posture. 


For the second flight, put your body weight on your heels. 


Lean your upper body forward and try to push from your hips to reduce the stress from your knees. 


Your posture must be as shown below.


Your knees, ankles, and head shouldn't be aligned. 


They should be one lean ahead - starting from your lower body to your head. It should look like an upward staircase. 


Important to note: Start with 30 seconds x 3 repetitions. To lose weight, try slow jogging on the stairs or variations with weights while climbing.


Increase the repetitions once your body is accustomed to the routine. 


Wear comfortable socks and shoes that provide extra cushioning & impact absorption like Heelium’s Bamboo Socks


Muscles strengthened in stair climbers: Glutes, Quadriceps, Knee Joints, Calves.


Practice these exercises with the correct posture and note the difference in your workout session.

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  • It was really helpful.😊

  • This was really helpful and I never knew that there are such small things that really need to be taken care of😊

    Abhishek Pawar

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