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Bad Posture Is Crippling Your Future


Let’s face it - most of us have been scolded for a poor posture at some point. From ‘sit straight’ to ‘don’t eat on the bed’, we’ve all been there. 

But most don’t understand the gravity of why we are being told so.

Good posture is important for Balance. Lack of balance leads to grave impacts later in life. But we do not have to wait till old age to see the bad effects.

Slouched posture after a meal can trigger heartburn caused by acid reflux. The posture puts pressure on your abdomen and pushes stomach acid in the wrong direction, leading to slow digestion.

Poor posture on a toilet leads to constipation and haemorrhoids. If you get frequently constipated, think posture.

Worst of them all is ‘Incontinence’.

Slouching increases abdominal pressure, which puts pressure on the bladder. This leads to stress incontinence — when you leak a little urine if you laugh or cough.

That’s scary!

But poor posture may not necessarily always be your fault. 

Low muscle flexibility resulting in a lower range of joint motion may have an impact on how your body aligns. 

Another factor to consider here is muscle strength. If a muscle group in your body is stronger than another, then your body will naturally try to re-distribute more load to the stronger muscles. 


Good news is - a bad posture is easy to correct. The most important part is to always be mindful of your posture.

Here are some simple checks and corrections you can implement in your daily routine:

  1. Keep your chin parallel to the floor while sitting down.
  2. Keep your shoulders even. (Exercise - Roll your shoulders up, back, and down in a circular motion)
  3. Maintain a straight back and neutral spine. (Be mindful not to arch your lower back)
  4. Distribute body weight evenly on both feet. (We all love to twist the hip and put all our weight on one leg.)

Most of all, ‘stand up straight’.

Always reprimanded for this in the school assembly but we never learn.

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