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Breathing Techniques to get you through the lockdown

Breathing is a no-brainer. You inhale and exhale continuously during the day without giving it a second thought! 

You may also exercise over it by breathing faster or slower than normal. And you will have a significant effect on your mental health by doing so. 

We, on the other hand, always take our lungs and breathing for granted. We don't realise how essential our lungs are until we have breathing problems, as the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us. 

A fall in lung capacity frequently prompts windedness and may affect other proactive tasks too. Thus, one should rehearse distinctive breathing activities that may help keep away from these issues and keep up lung limits. 

Want to learn a few ways to boost your lungs? Here it goes… 

Belly Breathing 

This breathing activity connects with your stomach and is suggested by respiratory advisors. 





- Sit with your back straight and keep your shoulders loose 

- Keep one hand on your stomach and the other one on your chest 

- Breathe in through your nose 

- Feel the air move into your gut as your stomach moves out 

- Tighten your lips together and inhale out 

- Repeat for a couple of times.

Deep breathing


This is another basic and viable breathing activity that you can rehearse for solid lungs. The profound breathing strategy is valuable as it is known to help keep up lung limit. 





- Sit in an agreeable and loosened up position 

- Gradually breathe in and grow the stomach 

- Permit your ribs to extend first and afterward your chest 

- Presently, breathe out gradually and permit your chest to fall followed by your    ribs and stomach  

- Repeat… 


Pushing out


The activity is helpful for amateurs and people with COPD. It is a standout amongst other breathing activities to improve lung limit.




- To begin, get into a standing position. 

- Exhale while bending down from the hip.

- Return to a standing position slowly and inhale

- Allow your lungs to fill up with air before attempting to hold your breath for a few seconds.  

- Raise your arms and count how many breaths you can take.  

- Exhale slowly and lower your arms.

- Repeat…

Want to learn a few more exercises. You can do it here


PS- Always consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime. 

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