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Burnout And Mental Exhaustion - 11 Tips To Deal With It

The past months have been gruelling and a complete rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, there are chances that life may be getting a little overwhelming and adulting hard to deal with.

The constant influx of information, increasing work and socialization, and worrying about job security and the pandemic can be challenging, mentally exhausting, and can lead to burnout. 

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Take some deep breaths and read the following tips that will help you deal with burnout and mental exhaustion -  

  1. Know that what you’re feeling is completely normal. Once you accept the fact that doing everything at once without cutting yourself some slack can get tiring and you find the trigger source, burnout will be easier to deal with. The stress of individual factors may be manageable, but a combination of them can cause exhaustion. 

  2. Take a proper vacation. Go to a new place and immerse yourself in the experience. No work emails, calls, texts. Just spend time with yourself and doing stuff that makes you genuinely happy, whether it’s sipping on cocktails, lazing on the beach, or hiking!

  3. Figure out a healthy way to release pent-up energy. You can try working out, painting or drawing, dancing, writing. Think about what you’re feeling and you can even journal your thoughts to let out your frustration. 

  4. Work away from your desk, if possible. Avoid working from home. You can visit cafes, gardens, or maybe a place in the office that’s quite different from your usual workspace. A change of surroundings can be more hospitable and may even cause inspiration!

  5. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle. More often than not, this is a major cause of irritability and lack of patience. This will play an important part in keeping both your body and mind refreshed and recharged.

  6. Eat Well! Include loads of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, dry fruits and nuts, and ghar ka khaana in your diet. Avoid packaged and processed foods. Healthy meals prevent you from feeling lethargic or sluggish.

  7. Avoid caffeine as much as you can. We agree a cup of coffee can instantly wake you up, but it can also lead to restlessness, anxiety, and headaches. Replace the caffeine with coconut water or warm water with lemon and honey.

  8. Exercise! Run, jog, walk, practice yoga, go to the gym...this will increase endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline - all brain chemicals associated with happiness, confidence, and lesser anxiety.

  9. Focus on creating and maintaining a work-life balance. Don’t carry work or any thoughts of work at home, keep everything at the office. A work-life balance will increase productivity and efficiency and also lower stress.

  10. Take small breaks between work for pleasant activities that you enjoy, like having a cup of tea, watching a YouTube video, or listening to music. This will re-energise you for another bout of work!

  11. The best thing you can do is talk to a therapist. Dealing with burnout on your own isn’t easy, especially if it’s taking a toll on your personal life or quality of work. A therapist will help you identify causes, figure out coping methods, and navigate through any challenges. 

We hope these tips helped. Please do contact a licensed professional if you feel the symptoms are severe or unmanageable. 

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