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Exercise Bands - The Portable Gym

When the pandemic hit, nothing stopped, and we switched to alternative options for almost everything. Coming to fitness, exercise bands are great alternatives for gym workouts. 

You can practice your asanas, weight lifting, or therapy sessions at home or wherever you go.

All you need is exercise bands - with the right resistance level. And you have a portable gym - right in your pocket. 

Here are some benefits of Exercise Bands which can help you understand the usage better:

Your gym on the go

They are extremely portable. If you're a fitness enthusiast who can’t afford to miss even a day of their workout session, the exercise bands are a solution to you. You can carry them wherever you go and continue practicing your session.

Practice on your time

Your workout schedule shouldn’t be reliable on your fitness center’s time. You can practice your session right when you are out of your bed or late in the night. You decide the best time when your next session will be!

Strength Training & Yoga

You can practice over 50 exercises using resistance bands and train almost every muscle in your body. You can adjust the pressure required by just narrowing your grip.

The flexibility comes into effect for yoga asanas too. You can work on balancing & strengthening yoga asanas using exercise bands. 

The bands come with different resistance levels. We have two - Medium - 4.5 KG (Yellow) & High - 7 KG (Blue). 

Comfort On Your Joints

Regular weight lifting can put some pressure on your joints as they are gravity-dependent. With exercise bands comes the flexibility of adjusting the pressure. It helps to prevent injuries on your joints in the long term.

Due to the flexible and variable execution of movements, your workout session stays easier on your joints.

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