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Heelium's Top-Notch Sustainable Products Are The Perfect Gifts

Made with the intent of being environmentally ethical and replete with goodness, Heelium's range of sustainable activewear and accessories has the perfect gifts if you're looking for something that will take care of both your loved ones and the environment. 

Why Heelium?
Think sustainable. Think thoughtful. Think simple. We are on a mission to craft products from materials, namely bamboo fiber and recycled polyester, that don't end up endangering the environment and are exceptionally high-grade. 

It's Time For Some Giftin' Baby!
If you're just as confused as I am about picking gifts that are indulgent, useful, and responsible (hello Mom!), you've honestly come to the right place. And, you'll feel like you've successfully adulted. *sigh* 
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1. Bamboo Socks

Say goodbye to nose-wrinkling stinky socks with Heelium’s antibacterial Bamboo Socks that are crafted out of 100% natural bamboo fibre. These ingenious and amazingly comfy socks have a breathable mesh lining that gets rid of sweat, cushioning, and a mid-foot hold for a snug fit. 
Several steps ahead of plain old cotton socks, these socks boast of higher strength, a luxurious feel, better moisture wicking, and almost double the water absorption. Bamboo fiber is known to retain its shape and so, these will last you a long, long time, keeping both your feet and wallet happy. And, you only have to wash them once a week! Total win-win.
Bamboo socks are available in a variety of options to cater to everyone - Ankle Socks, Crew Socks, Quarter Length Socks, Diabetic Socks, Stockings, and Compression Socks. Each type has its unique features to suit your needs and preferences.


2. Recycled Polyester T-Shirts

Made from 100% recycled polyester, Heelium's super comfortable t-shirts are the perfect choice for anyone who lives at the gym! They're also great options for everyday use, mainly because of the excellent fabric quality, moisture wicking properties, and snug fit. 
Fun Fact - 9 recycled PET bottles are used to make one Heelium tee! How cool is that?
Recycled Polyester T-shirts are available for both men and women


3. Bamboo Towels

Give your skin and body a supremely luxurious experience with our range of towels crafted out of bamboo fiber. They are amazingly fluffy, over two times absorbent than regular towels, and will save you from the dreadful post-bath icy chill! The towels are anti-allergic for skin protection as well. Pamper your loved ones with these. 
Bamboo Towels are available in Bath Towel and Hand Towel variants. Bath Towels are further available in both 400 GSM and 600 GSM options. 


4. Bamboo Bandanas 

One of our most versatile products, the bandana is crafted from bamboo fiber as well and is therefore naturally antibacterial and odour-free - perfect for covering your face! It is thermoregulatory and works brilliantly no matter the temperature.
The bandana has a myriad of uses - it can be used as a face cover, mask, beanie, helmet liner, balaclava, wristband, neckerchief, and more! Everyone will fall in love with it. It looks pretty dope too, just saying. 


5. Exercise Bands

Have a cousin or a friend who wants to work out but isn't able to go to the gym right now? Gift them Heelium's Exercise Bands that make workouts portable and easier! These bands can be carried in your pocket or stashed in the corner of your bag and whipped out wherever you need 'em. 
The bands are great for yoga, pilates, stretching, and weight training. They come in two resistance levels and are colour-coded to mark out the difference. 
Resistance Bands and Loop Bands available. 


6. Drawstring Bags

Crafted with high-quality unbleached cotton, these lightweight and easy-to-carry Drawstring Bags will be the best companion for everything - grocery shopping, college, trekking, going to the gym, or simply to keep your hands free from the task of holding stuff! 
The bags are great for the environment, they're nylon-free, plastic-free, unbleached, recyclable, and reusable. No more plastic or faux cotton bags! They're useful, practical, and do the job well. Cool, right?

Well, we hoped that solved your gifting dilemmas! Why not treat yourself to something too? Get a 20% discount on an order of ₹499 and above, use the code - FEST20 at checkout! 🛍 

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🎉 Happy Shopping! 🎉


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