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Green Smoothies - Why Are They In Vogue?

Yup. Green Smoothies. I know. I wasn’t the biggest fan (understatement of the year) of this concept when I first saw people on Instagram flaunting their newest obsession, this monstrosity of a beverage that’s shaded an evil green and has spinach or kale or whatever greens as one of its ingredients. Smoothies are meant to be refreshing and delicious, not bitter and tannic! 

Green Smoothie being poured in a glass

But I had to try. It’s hard enough to eat your leafy greens and this would be a better way to gulp those down. They are quite important, unfortunately. So I researched a bit about how I could create a Green Smoothie without it ruining my taste buds. All it took was a few spinach leaves, pineapple chunks, a splash of unsweetened orange juice, and peanut butter. And I was converted. This tasted of tropical islands and I was given the satisfaction of both an excellent taste and a filling beverage, albeit having a suspicious appearance. 

And now, we shall take questions.

Are Green Smoothies really that good for you?

A bowl of spinach

Yuh-huh! Green Smoothies are a nutrient-rich blend of fruits and vegetables and are an awesome way of getting your daily intake of minerals and vitamins. These smoothies are a huge boost for your energy and immune system. They are loaded with fibers and regulate your body’s cleansing processes. And, you’ll feel full for quite a bit after downing one. 
Leafy greens are the most nutritious when consumed raw, and what better than a tasty beverage that you can sip on with your meals. Spinach, which you can find almost anywhere, is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, and K! So, go for it!

How do I make a Green Smoothie?

A person squeezing a lemon over a cup filled with leaves

Okay, this is the best part. You can completely customize the smoothie. You can use your favorite fruits and add-ons and even focus on locally or seasonally available produce. 

You should follow a basic 60:40 ratio, which ensures that the smoothie doesn’t end up with a bitter or unpleasant taste. This means your leafy greens should constitute 40% of the ingredients. The fruits and add-ons should constitute the remaining 60%. 

A basic recipe that I follow is a handful of baby spinach leaves, lots of pineapple and apple chunks, some unsweetened orange juice, a dash of peanut butter, and ice cubes. I also like to use seasonal fruit. Pulse the spinach in the mixer and then add in the ice cubes and orange juice until it forms a paste-like mixture. Chuck in the fruit and peanut butter and blend again. You can adjust the consistency as per your preference. Just remember to process your greens as the first step to avoid leafy bits in your smoothie. 

Pro Tip: You can use frozen fruits for a thicker texture, without ice cubes watering the smoothie down. 

What else can I add to my smoothie?



There is a myriad of options to choose from! You can add - 

• Leafy greens like spinach, kale, celery, 
• Fruits like mango, apple, banana, avocado, pineapple, grapes, berries. Any fruit works here!
• Peanut butter, chia seeds, flax meal, protein powder
• Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cocoa powder
• Honey or dates, if you have a sweet tooth
• Dairy products like milk, yogurt, or tofu for a creamier texture
• Water or orange juice 

Does making a smoothie take a lot of time?

Well, nope! It’ll take you 10 minutes at the most (this includes chopping up and prepping stuff).

When should I have a Green Smoothie?

Honestly, any time of the day works! You can have it as breakfast or when you have sudden hunger pangs in the evening and want something filling. Smoothies are a great way to satiate any sweet cravings too! 

Three people clinking their glasses of green smoothies


Let us know if you tried making a Green Smoothie (and if you liked it) in the comments below. Cheers! 

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