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Heelium is now Global

Milestone date: 14th July 2020

If we have learnt anything from the past, it is that turning points seldom come with a big bang. They happen rather quietly.

This is one such. We have entered a new market, the Middle East (via UAE), our first beyond the Indian borders.

But this is not our first stint overseas. We travelled to the Swiss Alps to map the Western European territories and scorched the big and local markets of South Korea. In hindsight, we just weren’t ready.

It’s slightly amusing that this monumental development comes at such uncertain times when most startups are trying to keep their businesses afloat.  This is a testament to the smart and hardworking team at Heelium who have internalised the big picture and first principle thinking so beautifully. 

It’s all them.

For anyone eager to know how we did it, while the whole country is in lockdown, here’s the secret.

  1. Partners - Onboard smart partners who’ve been there, done that. Those who know the landscape better than you. 
  2. Culture - This is not about your team culture but the new customers that you serve. Every new geography will have its own diverse culture. Take that into account when you model your new business arm. 
  3. People - While we are all in for remote work, it is important that you have/hire people who know the landscape. Fortunately, we have people in the team who’ve worked in the Middle East but in case you don’t, hire locally.

The icing on the case - Heelium turns 3 this month. So the joy is magnified.

Lastly, and most importantly, we are super grateful to our customers who are part of the family and whose encouraging messages we continue to receive everyday. It is what keeps us going.

Thank you!

P.S. - We’ll be operating under our registered sub-brand ‘AUXIMPRO’ in the UAE. 

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