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Heelium Socks - Which one suits your needs? Part One


Right now, our Socks Collection has 5 categories - Ankle Socks, Crew Socks, Compression Socks, Diabetic Socks, and Stockings.  

All of them are designed to solve some major issues like odour, muscle fatigue, cramps, etc. 

Are you confused about which one is the right choice for you? 

This article will guide you to choose the category of socks that suits your needs and solves your problems. 

Ankle Socks: These socks are made for performance. They are mostly used for running, hiking, biking, and sports activities by our customers. 

Here’s how they help your feet while you practice high-stress exercises. 

Comfort: The socks are made using bamboo fiber. Bamboo is naturally super-soft and anti-allergic. 

Spandex blended with Bamboo makes these socks the best in softness, and cushioning. The cushion pads under the feet support the heel, arch and the ankle. They also help in impact protection while you are at play.

The fabric feels silky soft against your skin. Your feet will experience comfort all day long. 

Odour: Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. It Inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria that create foul feet smell. 

You can use these socks for a long duration without worrying about any odour.

Blisters: With bamboo's natural properties, we engineered a breathable design to keep your feet dry all day long. 

The sweat evaporates faster due to the mesh design and wicks moisture away from your feet. This reduces the risk of blisters. 

Added benefits:


It means that the socks will keep your feet warm in winters and cool in summers. Your feet will be at utmost comfort in every season!

Anti-Slip: The socks give your feet a snug fit. The stopper ensures a strong grip and prevents the socks from slipping.

Compression Socks: These socks are often recommended by doctors for physiotherapy sessions.

They are designed to provide optimum pressure on your toes, feet, and calves. The right pressure increases blood circulation. 

Our Bamboo Compression Socks helps your legs with:

Muscle Cramps, Swelling & Fatigue - The improved blood circulation helps your legs recover faster from cramps, swelling, and fatigue. These socks take a long day off your feet. 

Reducing the chances of injuries: The socks have cushion padding at high-stress pressure points to lower the chances of injuries. These socks also reduce the chances of blood clots - a result of improved blood circulation. 

Aids in quick recovery: The optimal pressure helps with quick recovery post all kinds of physical activities and sports. You can use the socks while you indulge into activities like running, hiking, cycling, high-intensity training, squash, tennis, basketball, and others.

We will be coming back with more information about Heelium’s Diabetic Socks, Crew Socks and Football Stockings.

Until next week!

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  • We want socks for lawn tennis shoes either clay/ hard courts


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