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Heelium Socks - Which one suits your needs? Part Two

As promised, we are back with more information on Heelium Socks [Diabetic Socks, Crew Socks, Football Socks]

Read on to choose the right type. 

Diabetic Socks: Diabetic patients or people who feel numbness in their legs - these socks are ideal for you. 

Our bamboo socks help with:  

Numbness of your feet: Diabetic nerve damage can make it hard to feel your feet. You might not feel the pain from the injuries because of decreased sensitivity. 

The socks are designed to give you maximum comfort. They are designed to save your feet from amputation by reducing risk of cuts and poor circulation. The combed bamboo fabric keeps your feet dry all day, thereby reducing the risk of infection and blisters as well. 

Rashes on your legs: With a super flexible non-elastic top, these socks leave no rashes after you take them off. As they are naturally super soft, your legs will not itch even after wearing them all day long. 

*DISCLAIMER: THESE SOCKS DON’T CURE OR TREAT DIABETES. These socks may be helpful to prevent foot injuries and poor blood circulation resulting from diabetes.

Crew Socks: These are calf-length formal socks. While you are in the office or away for long meetings, these socks keep your feet at comfort. 

Here’s what bamboo crew socks offer:

Comfort: Bamboo fibre is one of the softest materials. And with blended spandex, we made the softest socks. They keep your feet at comfort all day long. The cushioning at high-stress points provides impact protection. 

Odour free: Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. So, it inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria. The socks don’t smell even after multiple uses. 

Quick moisture absorption: The breathable mesh design keeps your feet dry all the time. The sweat evaporates faster and wicks moisture away from your feet.  

Football Socks: All hustle while you play football must be backed with a comfortable pair of stockings. These socks are specially designed to support your high-stress points while you are at play. 

Here’s what you get when you use our bamboo football socks:

Minimizes the chances of twists and injuries: These socks provide your arch with a snug and supportive fit. They keep your shin pads in place, which minimizes the chances of twists and minor injuries. 

Impact Protection: We have placed cushion padding that supports and protects your high-stress areas. It helps with impact protection and shock absorption. 

Strong Grip: The elastic support on Achilles keeps the shin pads in place and ensures a strong grip on your legs. You will not have to constantly worry about adjusting your shin pads while you play.

Ready to take the informed decision? Check out the collection here.

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