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How to choose the right towels?


Hey folks!

We recently added 400 GSM Bamboo Bath Towels to our Towel Collection. 

On the basis of requests and feedback from our customers, we launched a lightweight version of your much loved Bamboo Bath Towels. 

Don't know which one is best for you?

We have listed below the key differences between 400 GSM & 600 GSM towels. This will help you choose just the right towel for your usage. 

Key Differences


GSM means grams per square meter. It defines the weight of the fabric. 

400 GSM is lighter in weight as compared to 600 GSM bath towels. Whenever you are planning to travel, 400 GSM bath towels are the ideal choice. They will not make your luggage heavy or bulky. As they are lighter in weight, they dry up quickly too. 

600 GSM towels are ideal for home and hospitality usages. They are fast becoming the favorites of the hotel & resort businesses, small or large.

Absorbency & Drying

The more the GSM, the higher is the absorbency. Accordingly, 600 GSM towels have higher absorbency and retain more water weight.

Having said that, 400 GSM towels are good too when you compare it with other cotton based, similar GSM towels. Bamboo absorbs more water, quicker than ordinary cotton towels. 


600 GSM bath towels are ideal for home and hotel uses. Delight yourself and your guests with the plush and luxurious bamboo towels. 

Since they are voluminous, it takes a little more time to dry. 

400 GSM can be used for home too but additionally designed to be travel-friendly. You can carry them with you to the gym & HIIT sessions, on a beach, and wherever you go.

You also get super fast drying with 400 GSM towels and they are ready-to-use again within a few hours.

Besides these differences, you can be assured of the quality of both the towels. We haven’t made any compromise with it. 

Anti-Odour & Anti-Bacterial

The natural antimicrobial property of bamboo keeps the towels bacteria-free. As there is no bacteria accumulation, the towels always smell fresh. 

This is a feature of both the towels.

Softness & Durability

Both the towels are naturally soft and comfy (a little more with 600 due to its volume). 

They are made using blended cotton with bamboo fiber. You will feel the silky smoothness against your skin. 

The towels have double-ply construction combined with a continuous double lock stitch to make them thicker and stronger than other towels. 

After understanding the weight and usage difference, all that is left to do is get your hands on our luxury bath towels

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