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Running in the times of COVID


Is it safe to workout outside? Is it okay if I go back to my running routine with my buds? Well, everything else has opened, why I should be the one to sacrifice my physical activity? 

Naturally, the athlete in you misses the outdoors and that daily dose of endorphins. Hence these questions pop up. Well, we have answers for all of them and blissfully, they are rewarding too. 

Yes, it's safe to run outside provided you follow the precautions to ensure safety from contracting the virus:

Start with the Basics: We are sure you want to run towards achieving the new goals you have set for yourself. And no one's stopping you but for the initial days, start with the basics. 

Start slow. 

Run at your optimal pace. 

Find the least crowded route and you will be back on challenging yourself in no time. 

Run Alone: Yeah, it calls for a frown but you MUST run alone. Not only will it keep you safe but ensure the safety of your loved ones too. 

The good news is - your buds, and you can still share the progress using running apps like  Endomondo Sports Tracker, Nike Running, Strava, etc. 

No Mask while Running: While running, your body needs more oxygen, and wearing a mask restricts it. Instead of a mask, we recommend that you switch to a bandana which is fairly easy to pull up and down, whenever needed. 

It also serves as an effective face mask when doubled up.

Wear the Right Gear: As you are going to start fresh, make sure you have the right pair of shoes, quick moisture-absorbing clothes & socks as they tend to increase your efficiency. 

Keeping all these precautions in mind, you are all ready to ‘get, set & go’ for your run! 

And don't forget to keep us posted about your running stories. 

We are lurkers for achievers. 

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