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Bamboo Fiber - Why You Should Make The Switch

Sustainable living is the talk of the hour in conscious consumer circles. Picking ethical brands (that do more good than bad essentially) and using materials that ensure biodiversity protection, lesser pollution and waste, and lower carbon dioxide emissions are crucial facets in choosing what’s right for the environment. It’s time to fix this “toxic” relationship with our planet. 

Let's come to the star of this show, Bamboo Fiber. Bamboo Fiber, or ‘green fiber’, is a natural cellulosic fiber produced from bamboo.  It was historically used for structural purpose elements like corsets and bustles, but innovations have brought in loads of versatility  - it can be used to manufacture socks, towels, bandanas, bathrobes, masks, sanitary napkins, bed linens, and more!  


Why Bamboo Fiber? 


Benefits of bamboo fibre written against a blurry backdrop of bamboo trees


Bamboo Fiber is a great asset when sourced and manufactured ethically, mainly because - 

• Bamboo fiber is softer and finer than cotton. It has a texture similar to a cashmere-silk blend and is very luxurious and gentle on the skin. It has a snug fit without clinging to the skin and is hypoallergenic too.

• The cross-section of the fiber is filled with micro-gaps and micro-holes, which makes it twice as absorbent as cotton and leads to better ventilation. It can evaporate sweat at a rapid pace, is pleasant, and keeps the body cool.

• The fiber possesses high tensile strength, durability, and stability.

• It's naturally antibacterial and deodorizing. That means no foul-smelling clothes, even after multiple uses!

• There are reports of bamboo fiber being UV protective, which makes it a great choice for hot days.

• It is eco-friendly and biodegradable, right from the cultivation process. Bamboo consumes less water and can be grown without pesticides.

• Bamboo is one of the most fast-growing plants in the world and therefore, fixes more carbon dioxide and generates up to 35% more oxygen than similar strands of plants. 

Shop smart. Think sustainable. Make the switch.

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  • How bamboo fiber fares vis a vis other biomass fiber or crop left over biomass like Flower (fleather), banana stem fiber, paddy straw fiber for your ise

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