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Give Your Old Stuff A New Life By The Process Of Upcycling

One of the main facets of sustainability is to reduce waste. The more the waste, the more landfills are needed, which take up a lot of valuable space and lead to air and water pollution. Secondly, a reduction in waste helps conserve important resources like trees, aluminium, etc. as these are used in manufacturing paper, tins, and more. This will also help curb plastic usage which has adverse effects on the environment and living creatures. Also, lesser waste means lesser manufacturing and refining, which will in turn save energy and assuage the emission of greenhouse gases. Coming to social and financial awareness, reducing waste ensures the minimization of unethical manufacturing processes and will also keep your wallet happy!

So what can one do to reduce waste?

Well, there are many ways to do so but one of the easiest and most accessible methods is the process of upcycling. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, upcycling is defined as "to recycle (something) in such a way that the resulting product is of a higher value than the original item to create an object of greater value from (a discarded object of lesser value)". 

Also known as creative reuse, upcycling is an umbrella term for transforming by-products, waste, and unwanted stuff into materials of greater quality. This process is significant in the sense that upcycling generates products that are cleaner, healthier, and better. 

Here a few ways to upcycle waste and unwanted products. It'll repurpose waste material to give you some new and useful!

1) Drawer Organisers from old bakeware and trays

Tray used to organise pills

Use old bakeware and ice cube trays to organise drawers! They can fit in lots of stationery or fashion accessories without cluttering up the space. You can also paint the trays to give the space a pop of colour.

2) Plastic Bottles in the garden

Plastic bottles used as planters

If you're a plant parent or are on the path to become one, plastic bottles are the way to go! Instead of discarding those menaces, you can upcycle them by painting or decorating them to use as planters. Slice off the bottom of a plastic bottle and use it as a greenhouse atop a planter, this will help seeds germinate faster. You can also poke some holes in the lid to use as a water or fertilizer sprinkler.

3) Mason Jars have so many uses!

Mason jars used to store cotton balls and swabs

Use old mason jars or any glass jars as candle holders, planters, stationery holders! Use glass paints, stickers, jute rope, glitter glue, to make them beautiful pieces of decor. These jars can also be used to hold bandages, cotton balls and swabs, dental floss. 

4) Repurpose schoolwork and artwork into decor

Kid's drawing used as artwork around a work desk

Use old drawings, diagrams, notes, or kid's doodles as eclectic art pieces around the house. Buy some simple black frames or simply craft them out of any spare wood or MDF bits, and you have unique wall frames to hang around the house.

5) Jazz up tables and sofas with old clothes

A flatlay of a dining table with a table runner, charcuterie board, and bottles

Have old sarees or fancy clothes that you won't wear ever again? Convert them into table runners, placements, or cushion covers. You can also use scraps of cloth to make scrunchies or hair bands!

6) Old paints can elevate your decor

Open jars of paint

If you have old paints that look like they'll dry up any day, use them to paint window frames, dressers, or bedside tables to change up your decor.

7) Reuse those vintage cups and saucers!

Cups and saucers piled up

Turn old cups and saucers into bird feeders, jewellery holders, or you can even turn them into cutesy candles (all you need is some wax and wicks).

8) No space for your earrings? Here's a quick hack.

Earrings hung up on a piece of cork

Transform MDF or cork pieces into an earrings holder. You can add hooks and hang on walls or inside your dresser. A whole new storage option.

9) Give your wardrobe a whole new look and feel

Emoticons painted on a pair of jeans

Own clothes that have unsightly stains and patches? A lick of paint, some cute embroidery, or vibrant cloth patches will do the trick! 

Let us know how you upcycle old stuff in the comments below!

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