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What happens when you stop working out?

A break for more than two weeks from your workout can affect your body adversely. 

For example, You set a goal for your body weight. You are working out and weight training vigorously. Your diet is adequate. 

And, after six months of training, you achieve your goal. 

If there comes a saturation point and you put a stop on your workout sessions, your body undergoes certain changes. 

For the first two weeks, the changes are unnoticeable - as it happens moderately. 

If the break exceeds, below are the gains that drop:

Strength & Endurance: Longer the halt, more the loss. It's difficult to maintain strength and endurance without regular exercise. 

An experiment conducted by “The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research” has shown that detraining for 4 weeks, after 16 weeks of workout session resulted in a 6% to 9% decrease in strength. 

Aerobic Capability: Try walking briskly for 10 minutes in the fourth week of your detraining period. You will run out of breath quickly. 

When you exercise, your VO2 max increases. And, just a break of 4 weeks can result in loss of the aerobic capability you build while regular exercising.

Muscle Mass: The muscle atrophy is faster in beginners than the professionals on a break. 

In most cases, you don't lose muscle mass in a short span of ceasing the training. It's the water loss and glycogen depletion that decreases your muscle size. 

The decrease in muscle size appears like a loss in muscle mass. 

On a good note: Your muscle memory helps you regain the muscle mass quicker than when you first gained it.

What is muscle memory? How does it work? How can you train it to regain muscles faster? 

All of these questions will be answered in our next blog next week!

Till then, to keep your aerobic capability, strength & endurance at pace, don't quit exercising altogether.

You can always go for a short run or brisk walks. And play sports to move your major muscles until you get back to your regular workout routine.

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