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When you lose fat, where does it go?

Immunity is the hot topic these days and we know that regular exercise improves it. 

Being physically active also helps you lose those extra kilos. Who doesn’t want to get into top shape, right? 

But do you know where the fat goes when you lose it?

Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know the answer. A study that surveyed 150 health professionals including doctors, dieticians and personal trainers revealed that almost 98% of them didn’t know the answer.

The most common (incorrect) answer - it is released as Energy. Some said the fat turns into muscle (which I wish it could) and others guessed that you pass it out when you poop. NO!

The right answer is - you ‘exhale it out as carbon dioxide ‘. 

Well, most of it. Here’s what happens...

Our body uses oxygen to convert fat primarily into Carbon dioxide (84%) and some Water (16%). 

You exhale out the carbon dioxide and the water is passed out in the form of sweat and urine. So, in essence, your lungs are primarily responsible for pushing the excess weight out. 

Now you know.


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