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Level Up Your Workout Game With Heelium

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear while you exercise affect your performance, skin, and mood. Clothes that are heavy and hold sweat will usually make you feel tired, worn out, and super annoyed. 

Well-designed sportswear should make you feel comfortable and unrestricted. The clothes should be light, breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulatory. Exercising while you’re comfy will ensure a better focus on the task at hand and will prevent a fidgety session that majorly consists of adjusting your tee while rolling your eyes at the workout gods. And, looking good and fresh will only increase your confidence and motivate you to flex those muscles!

Environmentally ethical and thoughtfully made, Heelium’s range of sustainable activewear will take your workout to an entirely new level.

1. T-Shirts

A person practicing yoga

If you're someone who needs to be comfy 24/7, these T-Shirts are made just for you! They're also great options for everyday use, mainly because of the excellent fabric quality, moisture wicking properties, and snug fit. You can wear them at the gym, on a hike or a quick run, or even when you're chilling at home. 

Fun Fact - 9 recycled PET bottles are used to make one Heelium tee! How cool is that?

Recycled Polyester T-shirts are available for both men and women

2. Vests

Heelium's vests are crafted out of bamboo fiber (awesome for the environment!) and are designed for daily workouts and runs. Supremely soft and naturally antibacterial, these vests are gentle on the skin and resist odor even after an intense session! 

3. Ankle Socks

Heelium’s antibacterial Bamboo Socks that are crafted out of 100% natural bamboo fiber. The socks have a breathable mesh lining that gets rid of sweat and a mid-foot hold for a snug fit. They're odor-resistant, very cozy, provide blister protection, and have a heel stopper to prevent slippage. Your feet are going to sing with joy, it'll feel like you're walking (well, running, skipping, or cycling too I guess) on clouds!

TL;DR: These socks are the best choice for your workout gear!

Bamboo Ankle Socks are available for both men and women.

4. Sports Stockings

A man resting his foot on a football. He is wearing sports stockings.

Sports Stockings are made from bamboo fiber as well and have an ergonomic design to support and protect high-stress areas to ensure comfort and protection from injuries. They have a Knee Hold and an Achilles Hold to avoid any sort of slippage and hindrance while you're out playing! They provide a supportive and compression fit to shin pads in the right place and prevent twists and minor injuries. The last thing you want is wobbly socks and blisters on your feet.

These socks are the right pick if you play intensive sports like football or if you are an athlete. 

5. Bamboo Towels

Bath towel and Tennis Racquet on a lawn

Give your skin and mind some relaxing care while you're exercising or after your post-workout shower with Heelium's feather soft Bamboo Towels. They are over two times absorbent than regular towels and anti-allergic for skin protection. Plus, they odor-resistant and extremely durable.

No rashes. No irritation. Just pure luxury. 

6. Exercise Bands

A man using a loop band for a leg workout

Well, these technically don't belong to the fashion section, but they'll do the job of upping your workout game by miles! Our Exercise Bands are a must-buy if you hate going to the gym or simply want to exercise in the comfort of your bedroom. Exercise bands are great alternatives for gym workouts. You can practice over 50 exercises using these bands and train almost every muscle in your body. They are great for yoga, pilates, stretching, and weight training. 

And, you can carry the bands in your pocket or in the corner of your bag and whip 'em out wherever you need to. 

A portable gym that you can take anywhere. Resistance Bands and Loop Bands available.

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