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Yoga for Insomnia: Four Yoga Asanas for a Goodnight's Sleep!

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where you face difficulty in falling and staying asleep. 

The trigger to insomnia can be anything. From just inadequate eating habits to mental health disorders like anxiety, stress, and depression.

Yoga can help you calm these triggers.

Yoga's benefits are not a secret to anyone. 

The traces of practice go back to the pre-Vedic dates. Since then, its benefits just have gained popularity, and it's followed worldwide. 

Along with the basic benefits of increased flexibility, muscle strength, energy, and better respiration, yoga has evolved to provide solutions for particular pain points. 

It can help in treating back pain, joint pain, and insomnia too. 

Here are the four yoga asanas to help you with a sound sleep:


  • Bridge Pose - 

    The bridge pose/setu bandha sarvangasana is practiced to take off the stress from your spine. It gives a good stretch to the neck, thighs, and hindquarters. 
    Steps to follow: 
    • Lie down straight on the floor. 
    • Bend your knees and set your feet firmly on the floor. 
    • Spread your arms and press your palms on the floor. 
    • Slowly lift your hindquarters (buttocks) and lower back upwards till it forms an arch, like a bridge. 
    • Hold the pose as long as you can. 
    • Come down slowly


    Time: Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute x 3. Increase the repetition as you get comfortable. 


  • Corpse Pose - 

    The corpse pose/savasana can be practiced at the end of any workout session to relax your body. 

    Steps to follow: 

    • Lie down on the floor. 
    • Wide-open your legs and let them relax.  
    • Let your ankles and feet relax, and don't keep them stiff. 
    • Spread and relax your hands.  
    • Relax your body. Let it act natural. 
    • Focus on the breath if your mind wanders. 
    • Inhale & exhale mindfully. On every exhale, try to relax as much as you can.


    Time: Hold the pose for 5 minutes x 3. Increase the repetition as you get comfortable. 


  • Easy Pose - 

    The easy pose/sukhasana is practiced for mindful breathing and meditation.

    Steps to follow:

    • Sit straight with your legs crossed. Your feet should be beneath your knees. 
    • Rest your hands on your knees with palms open and facing upwards. 
    • Align your head, neck & spine. Relax your lower body. 
    • Keep breathing normally. 


    Time: Start by holding the pose for 30 seconds x 3. Increase the time and repetitions as you get comfortable. 


  • Legs up the wall - 

    The legs up the wall/viparita karani asana will take the day off your legs. You can feel the fatigue melting away. 

    Steps to follow: 

    • Sit on your left side closer to the wall.  
    • Half lay down with the support of your elbows. 
    • Pivot your body facing towards the wall with your legs straight in the air. 
    • Place your legs on the wall. 
    • Decrease the distance between your hindquarters (buttocks) and the wall by sliding closer to the wall.
    • And that's done. 


    If you aren't feeling comfortable, slide upwards, and increase the distance between your legs and the wall. 


    Time: Hold the pose for 5 minutes x 3. Increase the repetition as you get comfortable. 


    All these asanas help in reducing & relieving anxiety, mild depression, fatigue, stress, tension, headaches & makes you self-aware.


    Practice these four yoga asanas regularly and own the true sense of a goodnight's sleep. 


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